The Eastern Elite CHAOS Hockey Academy is delighted to announce its acceptance into the FHL (Female Hockey League). Our organization takes pride in its affiliation with the FHL, a league known for its family-friendly and school-friendly environment, which offers a safe, equitable, and fair play atmosphere. Our primary objective is to nurture players who exemplify respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, game officials, parents, and the sport of hockey. The level of hockey provided is competitive, akin to "rep level," without the specific use of the "AA," "A," or "AE" designations.

The FHL was established to provide an avenue for athletes to engage in a privately operated program aimed at cultivating high-level hockey players and fostering leadership both on and off the ice. Athletes are not confined by geographical borders and can join programs that best align with their developmental objectives, regardless of their place of residence. It is important to note that the FHL is an independent entity and is not affiliated with Hockey Canada. All players and staff of FHL teams are fully insured, and we have implemented advanced player rules and officiating training to ensure a safer gameplay environment.

We are pleased to announce that the EECHA will be fielding two female teams in the upcoming FHL  season of 2024. The U16 Elite and U19 Elite teams will each have a roster comprising 17 talented female athletes.

The CHAOS is of the opinion that the FHL will contribute significantly to the skill development of our CHAOS players.

We believe that consistent high-level instruction is required over a long period of time in order to reach optimal athletic development and that success should not be measure by short term wins and losses but rather on individual skill development and athletic growth within a team setting. Similar to the European hockey and soccer development model; we believe that it is essential to have a higher ratio of practice sessions to games in order to improve an athlete’s skills and performance in competition.

Access to professional skills coaches are mandatory requirements of acceptance into the league as a way of ensuring the athletes receive the best training and development possible. This consistency and fundamental belief in coaching and development removes the interruptions of the present conventional hockey programs and results in limited player turnover and the development of high-level hockey players and leaders.

League Mission Statement 

  • To provide youth hockey players an environment to showcase and progress their individual skills within a team setting
  • To establish a culture and partnership for its member organizations based on continual improvement for its athletes
  • To uphold the highest level of sportsmanship and team play, while maintaining all stakeholders competitive passion and love for the game
  • To uphold the highest standards in player safety
  • To develop player confidence and leadership qualities on and off the ice
  • To provide a safe and positive work environment for all officials, linesman, parents, arena staff and volunteers

Core Values

All stakeholders in the Female Hockey League will work in collaboration to create an environment to establish the following core values in its athletes:

  • Work Ethic
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Respect for teammates, opponents and officials
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Consistency
  • Development
  • Choice

League Format

League games will take place in a Showcase format, meaning that each of the teams will play four games over the course of a weekend at least once a month. Teams will receive 32 regular season games plus a championship showcase weekend. Our CHAOS teams will be traveling to Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and the USA.

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For more information on our winter team program please visit EECHA