Winter CHAOS Academy

You'll find the Eastern Elite CHAOS Hockey Academy at its home located at the Westwood Arena Etobicoke, Ontario for the 2024/25 season. 

We not only espouse diversity in our discourse but also embody it in our practices. Our institution has fostered an environment where all students are esteemed, earning recognition as a place where diversity is effectively embraced.

Our community proudly boasts an international composition, welcoming students from across North America and numerous other countries. This dynamic mix fosters an inclusive, robust, and enriching learning environment. Students form friendships with young athletes who bring diverse life experiences, socio-economic backgrounds, and traditions, yet are united in their pursuit of attaining a competitive edge and becoming the best hockey players possible.

While our unwavering dedication to sporting excellence sets us apart, the Eastern Elite CHAOS Hockey Academy experience transcends the realm of hockey. In addition to sports, the Academy offers students high-caliber academic programs and the opportunity to cultivate enduring relationships and a strong work ethic through education, physical training, and engaging social activities.

Students will immerse themselves in diverse cultures, forge lifelong friendships, and gain valuable insights into their identities as athletes. With dedicated teachers and coaches, and an average class size of just 17 students, guidance and support are readily available. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the CHAOS!

Spring & Summer CHAOS

The Eastern Elite CHAOS offers exciting spring programs tailored for female athletes aged 14U to 19U. Our teams participate in a wide array of tournaments across North America, and a select few even have the opportunity to travel overseas for competitive play. These spring programs typically kick off in late April and continue through August, providing an extensive period for skill development and gameplay. Emphasizing the importance of female representation, we strive to have experienced female athletes on the coaching staff to offer firsthand insight and mentorship to the younger players. It's truly inspiring for our young athletes to have NCAA, ACHA, and Usport players as part of our coaching team, providing invaluable guidance and acting as role models. Our primary objective is to create a supportive and secure environment that fosters skill development, equips players with marketing skills, and imparts a deep understanding of the game of hockey.